At the doctor’s office, the person who was parked next to us had their car broken into. I had also donated and got yet another Poppy. Whether it be precious items, or bewildered souls; what’s broken for you?



Things I Love in My Room

I’ve never been able to personalize my room- the walls have always been white and the carpet’s always been yellow. To make up for that, I add lots of accessories. Here are my favourites.

Wolf Dream Catcher

Fish Wall Hanging

Jewelry Holder


Fuzzy Pillow


What’s your favourite accessory in your room?



Love the New Look?

It’s February!


The first month of the year flew by and we’re finally into February- the month of love. I feel like just yesterday I was knitting Christmas presents, and now it’s already the second month of the New Year!


Here’s what’s up with Sing Simple this February:



Happy February!



Floral Chic


Jacket: Abbey Dawn

Shirt: Limited Too

Pants: Forever 21

Shoes: Smart Fit

Blogger of the Week: Ma Derniere Addiction…

Adrienne Nguyen of Ma Derniere Addiction is a chic fashion lover just breaking into her twenties. Her blog is an personal style blog in which she specializes in outfit posts- with a twist. With ever picture comes a little story of her life at the moment, which I personally love reading. Here’s Sing Simple’s interview with her:


How would you describe your style?

My style varies depending on my mood however, I would say what I wear usually involves something sophisticated and chic! I love the 60’s so I have a lot of shift dresses. Unfortunately, it is a bit too windy to pull them off right now.


What inspired you to start a fashion blog?

I was a bit of an outcast in high school and I did not have any friends who “dressed up”- I was the sore thumb in the crowd. I felt a need to share my personal style with people who actually liked fashion so I started a Chictopia account. From there, I slowly acquired fans and I made my own blogspot so I could ramble on some more:)


What are your interests besides fashion?

I am currently a Biological Sciences major so I am definitely interested in medicine! I plan on going to a medical school and continuing my research under the Department of Surgery at UCI. Besides academics, I love playing my violin, my piano, shopping, photography, art and I love working with the homeless; I volunteer whenever I can and the homeless have definitely given me a new perspective in life.


Do you mix these interests with your fashion?

I definitely try to incorporate my interests to my fashion sense- I believe my personality and interests aid my style.


Any tips for other fashion bloggers?

I love reading blogs that have a lot of high quality pictures in a variety of places. I do not own a DSLR or any professional camera so I try to work with what I have. Furthermore, I am always on the hunt for locations to take pictures but when all else fails, I take pictures in front of my house.


Do you frequent other fashion blogs?

I am a big fan of The Blonde Salad and Style Scrapbook!


Any additional thoughts?

Never give up on what you’re passionate about. No matter how hard it may seem to achieve your goal, keep fighting and you will strive to success.


Sing Simple wants to thank Adrienne for her inspiring words and helpful, specific tips for blogging.

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Monthly Resolutions

Most people make a New Year’s Resolution, but many people give up on them within the first two weeks of the year. Setting goals for an entire year is really impractical, as you won’t be able to keep that same motivation you had in December the previous year for another twelve months. Plus, who knows what might pop up at any given moment?

A better substitute is to make monthly resolutions– a “New Year’s Resolution” for each month. New Year’s Resolutions are still fun to make to retain that feeling of each year being a new start, but for getting them done, a monthly resolution should be made to reinforce those goals on your New Year’s Resolution list.


How to Make a Monthly Resolution

  1. Look at your New Year’s Resolution and examine the goals you have listed.
  2. Look at your schedule for the month, and pick out the most important event.
  3. Focus your goals around that event. Then incorporate one, some or all of the goals on your New Year’s Resolution in the spare time that you won’t be focusing on it.
  4. Don’t make those goals the same as on your New Year’s Resolution though. You now have a better idea of what a certain period of time holds, rather than last December when you had no idea. Be more specific and personal with your goals.


Benefits of Monthly Resolutions

  • A new found source of motivation each month.
  • More specific goals that will be easier to follow because you’re now aware of your schedule and free areas.
  • It also satisfies the psychological side as you haven’t let yourself down.
  • Breaking down things tend to make it easier to reach that final point.


What’re you’re guys’ monthly resolutions? Feel free to share them in the comments, or e-mail me at . I’ll make sure to feature some on my blog. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to enter Sing Simple’s very first contest!!