Tips for Fashion Bloggers

Hi guys. So I decided to make this post with tips for aspiring fashion bloggers. Enjoy~

1. Topic. What is the point of your blog? Outfit posts? Tutorials? Maybe multiple topics? Many people say you should stick to one point to blog about so that your audience knows what to expect. It may actually be more of an advantage if you do multiple, becuse you’ll attract a wider audience, as long as you do so uniformly. For example: Monday- Outfit Post; Tuesday- Tutorial; Wednesday- Guest Post, etc.


2. Design and Layout. Most fashion blogs tend to be simply either white or black, and this is a better layout because it brings attention to the actual content of your blog. Avoid a lot of clutter in the sidebar, such as unnecessary widgets and long blogrolls. Only add widgets to major sites that you use often. Make your blog as clutter free as possible. Also, avoid colourful and fancy fonts (except for post titles, if you want to).


3. Pictures. I disaprove of using pictures that you didn’t take unless the circumstance demmands it. Everybody emphasizes how important clear, beautiful pictures are. But what if you’re like me and you’re stuck with a horrible camera? Easy. Make it work for you. Only take pictures in bright, natural light and make use of free editing software such as Picnik- without going overboard. You can also try black and white photos. Photos should be centered.


4. Content. No one can tell you how to write a good article, but there are a few must-do’s:

  • Keep everything short and simple (using Twitter helps with this)
  • Avoid using paragraphs. Use bulllet points and lists wherever possible.
  • When you must, have no paragraph more than 4 lines long. (Many people (including myself), tend to skim through long paragraphs in blog posts).
  • Have proper grammar. Re-read each post. Then re-read it again.


5. Look at other fashion blogs! Check out your favourite popular fashion blogs and think about why they’re popular, as well as what aspects of their blog you could incorporate in yours.


6. Network and use social media. Social media are your friends. I personally think Twitter is more effective than Facebook, but why not do both if you can? And don’t forget to join International Fashion Bloggers and participate in the forums!


Don’t forget to enter Sing Simple’s contest here!




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