Blogger of the Week: Ma Derniere Addiction…

Adrienne Nguyen of Ma Derniere Addiction is a chic fashion lover just breaking into her twenties. Her blog is an personal style blog in which she specializes in outfit posts- with a twist. With ever picture comes a little story of her life at the moment, which I personally love reading. Here’s Sing Simple’s interview with her:


How would you describe your style?

My style varies depending on my mood however, I would say what I wear usually involves something sophisticated and chic! I love the 60’s so I have a lot of shift dresses. Unfortunately, it is a bit too windy to pull them off right now.


What inspired you to start a fashion blog?

I was a bit of an outcast in high school and I did not have any friends who “dressed up”- I was the sore thumb in the crowd. I felt a need to share my personal style with people who actually liked fashion so I started a Chictopia account. From there, I slowly acquired fans and I made my own blogspot so I could ramble on some more:)


What are your interests besides fashion?

I am currently a Biological Sciences major so I am definitely interested in medicine! I plan on going to a medical school and continuing my research under the Department of Surgery at UCI. Besides academics, I love playing my violin, my piano, shopping, photography, art and I love working with the homeless; I volunteer whenever I can and the homeless have definitely given me a new perspective in life.


Do you mix these interests with your fashion?

I definitely try to incorporate my interests to my fashion sense- I believe my personality and interests aid my style.


Any tips for other fashion bloggers?

I love reading blogs that have a lot of high quality pictures in a variety of places. I do not own a DSLR or any professional camera so I try to work with what I have. Furthermore, I am always on the hunt for locations to take pictures but when all else fails, I take pictures in front of my house.


Do you frequent other fashion blogs?

I am a big fan of The Blonde Salad and Style Scrapbook!


Any additional thoughts?

Never give up on what you’re passionate about. No matter how hard it may seem to achieve your goal, keep fighting and you will strive to success.


Sing Simple wants to thank Adrienne for her inspiring words and helpful, specific tips for blogging.

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