Blogger of the Week: Style Grid

This week’s spotlight blogger is Eleanor, author of Style Grid, a 14 year-old fashionista who shares her amazing style and the occasional style recap.

How would you describe your style?

I would say my style is a mix of modern and old, classy and elegant but I think it is others who should tell me what my stlye is.

What aspect(s) of fashion does your blog focus on?

My blog is a style journal where I post my outfits. I have also creted a ‘segment’ I guess you could say where I take something like an event, street style at fashion week, a show, and I share my favourite looks.



What inspired you to start a fashion blog?

I’ve always read fashion blogs and I thought it would be fun to start my own. I also want to be a designer when I’m older so having a blog could show people what I can do as in some of my post I am wearing my own creations and to have a sneek peek at the inside world of the fashion industry.



What are your other interests besides fashion?

I love to sew, I don’t know if that counts or not? I also love to draw, ever since I was little I have drawn and scribbled over every inch of paper I’ve come across (my school books are covered in sketches!). I combine these two passions and that is how I create my own clothes; it also inspires me to create different outfits.


Do you have a fashion idol? If so, who?

Yes, many. I love Yves Saint Laurent. I think he was a very honest and driven person which I love about him. I think I idolize anyone who thrives in what they love and who are driven to live their dreams. Actually I think Stella Mccartney is my fashion idol, she’s amazing, she works hard and gets what she deserves and she has a really classy and elegant style.



Any tips for other fashion bloggers?

Don’t do your blog just to get followers or profit from it, it should come from passion and your heart. There is no point doing it if you are not enjoying yourself. And I will say the most cliche thing ever…. BE YOURSELF ! Don’t try copy another blogger cause no one will appreciate it they want to follow you for YOU!




Do you frequent any other fashion blogs?

Many, many, many! Litterally I just look at tons, to many to list!


Any additional thoughts?




I want to thank Eleanor for the interview and inspiring words.





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