Back to School Series: Packing Supplies (DIY’s and more!)

Hi guys, first I want to apologize for not posting yesterday- I was out most of the day, you guessed it! Buying school supplies.

Here’s another post for both guys and the ladies. For some of us, school’s already started, others, not yet. Either way, it’s never too late to get organized. Here I present to you the first part of my back to school series- getting everything together.





I bought this cute accordion folder to hold all my papers because my old portfolio wasn’t cutting it. If you felt the weight of that thing, you’d never believe it was papers in it.

Accordion Folder vs Binder

Accordion folders are generally a better choice than binders. They easily hold papers of varying sizes, keep edges neat, and don’t require you to punch holes in your papers. They  keep papers neater and more organized because the paper isn’t at risk of tearing and falling out due to rings pulling on it, and protect papers better because accordion folders conceal the paper on  all sides, almost like a suitcase.

Binders take up lots of space in your bag and can’t be carried by hand unless you want your papers to get dirty, especially in rain and windy conditions.

Choosing an Accordion Foler

For any type of folder, accordion or not, you want to get a plastic one. This allows you to carry it outside of your bag, and protects your papers from weather conditions and other mishaps (e.g. if you drop it on the ground in a substance). Plastic can also be cleaned easily as opposed to paper. Plastic also lasts longer. If you’re looking for a folder to organized papers in an office or at home which won’t be mobile, then a paper one is fine.

You also want to look for a folder with many pockets, having at least as many pockets as subject you do. Five-pocket folders don’t cut it. Also look out for a folder with a handle- this makes it easier to carry.





You’ll want to have two sets of stationary- one to have at your study place at home, and another in your pencil case at school. Not having to invade your pencil case at home helps prevent forgetting anything. I recommend a pouch pencil case and a pencil holder for your desk.

DIY: Make a pencil holder like mine by pasting paint samples or any patterned paper you like to a small box.

Assignment Book




An assignment book is essential to any student. This is a small notebook that you write your homework, assignments and tests in. My recommendation for format is to have three columns: “Completed” in the margin that indicates whether an assignment’s been finished or not, “Assignment” in the middle to write down the actual assignment including the date given and date due, and “Tests” as the third column, highlighting any tests you might have coming up.

DIY: Because an assignment book doesn’t need to be as big as a regular notebook, it’s a good idea to recycle old notebooks by cutting out used pages and using the rest of the book.

Emergency Pouch




It’s a good idea to always carry around certain supplies with you in an opague pouch you have in your bag at all times.


  • The pouch (to hold everything)
  • Rag (if you get sweaty or wet)
  • Safety pin (for if clothes malfunction)
  • Mirror (teeth/ face check for food, etc)
  • Personal effects
  • Perfume (you never know when B.O. will hit you)
  • Mouthwash or mints (you never know when M.O. [SingSimple dictionary: mouth odour] will hit you)
  • An extra hair tie (these break so easily)


  • The pouch (to hold everything)
  • Rag (if you get sweaty or wet)
  • Safety pin (for if clothes malfunction)
  • Mirror (teeth/ face check for food, etc)
  • Cologne (you never know when B.O. will hit you)
  • Mouthwash or mints (you never know when M.O. [SingSimple dictionary: mouth odour] will hit you)

Locker Emergency Kit 

I do recommend keeping certain things in a box or bag in your locker as well (which won’t be taken out of your locker until the end of the school year or when needed), for those extra paranoid people like myself:

  • Sweater/ jacket
  • Extra set of clothes and underwear
  • Towel
  • Extra shoes
  • Extra bag

Look out for the next part in the series- personalizing a uniform- soon!




2 thoughts on “Back to School Series: Packing Supplies (DIY’s and more!)

  1. VERY nice.. I’m usually a very unorganized person.. this will help me out a lot in schop;.. please do moar of these!!!

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