Knit Knit Knit!!


[Tonight, knit is rationed, tonight, across the nation] Everyone was wearing knits this season, and they whether or not they’re still “in” in a few weeks doesn’t matter to me, because I did enough knitting this winter for a lifetime.  This post is targetted towards both males and females.

I’ve tried doing the purl stitch for the four years I’ve been knitting, and I’ve never been able to successfully complete it. Maybe I did and didn’t notice, but I’m sure I’ll end up getting it eventually. These tutorials are therefore good for beginners, because they make use of the knit stitch only.




To make the scarf, cast on twenty two stitches and work in the garter stitch (knit stitch all rows) until your scarf is the length desired.

TIP: Use of self-striping yarn (i.e. yarn with multiple dies in it) can create a great pattern and is way easier than traditional swapping of different dye yarns, as I did in the scarf above.




Cast on fifty eight stitches. Work in garter stitch for seven inches (or desired length), and then decrease until you get to four stitches. Bind off and sew sides together to form hat. (I modelled with a wig because my hair was in NO state to be photographed like that, as you’ll see below).



Slouchy Hat

Cast on fifty eight stitches. Work in garter stitch for an inch. This will replace the usual rib stitched band at the base of the hat. After doing this, work in like-lace stitch (Knit 1, yarn over, *knit 2 together, yarn over; repeat from * across until three stitches are left. Knit 2 together, knit). Work in this stich for seven inches (or desired length) and then decrease until you are left with four stitches. Bind off and sew sides together to form hat.



Bow Headband

(Like my model?) Cast on twelve stitches and work in garter stitch for 2.5 – 3 inches then bind off for the bow (which will be a plain rectangle at this point). Crochet the chain stitch for the band to a little longer than the width of your head. Tie and weave in edges. Lastly, place the rectangle on top of the band and wrap yarn tightly around it, then tie. This should push in the centre to form a bow. 

TIP: If you don’t know how to crochet or lack a crochet hook, you can cast on 58 stitches and bind off without knitting any rows.


Hope you enjoyed my simple knit patterns? Did you make any adjustments to my patterns and want to share? Comment with the changes, or better yet, check out Get Featured on Sing Simple and e-mail me!

FUN FACT: Before I got knitting needles, I knit scarves using pencils or chopsticks ^_^’







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