Project: DIY Tube Top {Part 2}

See part 1 here:

Making the Pattern

Hey guys this is the pattern I made for the tube top I designed a few posts back. First thing I did was taking the measurements below:




Horizontal measurements drawn in red are taken all around the body, and should then be divided by four.

Vertical measurements drawn in green are kept at the same length.


Next I plotted the pattern on the paper (I used newspaper, the best paper to use is paper with grids). You’ll be plotting half of the pattern, therefore the edge of the paper will be the middle of the entire pattern and the edge of the half of the pattern. Draw a dot on the edge of the paper an inch from the top (this inch is going to be the allowance for your hem).  Horizantally from this dot, plot another dot of the quarter of the width of where the shirt starts. Move down from your first dot by the vertical measurement of where the shirt starts to the bust. Make a dot here. Keep up this pattern of plotting horizontally then vertically until you reach the bottom. Plot a hem at the bottom and a seam allowance. Now connect the dots. It should look something like this:



That’s 1/2 of the pattern, and 1/4 of the entire shirt. Now trace it and cut out another copy and tape the two together to get the full patten. This is what mine looked like:




(Sorry for the editing)

Still not getting it? No fear! I based this pattern on Secret Life of a Bio Nerd’s tank top pattern. She has the best tutorials. All I did was take out the sleeves. Comment with your questions!








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