New Year’s Fashion Tips

[Tonight. Tonight. There’s a party on the fashion top of the world.] I’m sure most of you guys out there have plans for New Year’s Eve tonight, but what to wear on such a special night? There’s a certain mood on New Year’s Eve after all. How to describe it? I’d say it’s an exciting, thrilling atmoshphere, while still mainting a certain serenity of a new beginning.


Basically what I’m saying is that New Year’s Eve has both excitement and calm. So how do you portray that in your outfit? Try having a single out-there piece, which is toned down with other pieces (I specifically recommend a patterned shirt or dress with a muted jacket and bottom). Depending on where your destination is, some things might be different.

Event Hoppin’

  • More formal clothes with defined details.
  • Shinier accessories (I really can’t find any other way to put it.) Accessories that stand out more and make your outfit more special.

Hanging with Friends

  • A mix of a semi-formal piece with extremely casual clothes.
  • Toned down accessories in less quantities.
  • Comfort clothes that you can kick back in a sofa and fall asleep watching a movie in peacefully.

I wanted to show you guys my outfits for Event Hoppin’ (if I had somewhere to go) and hanging with friends (if I had any friends’ houses to go to), but my good camera died, and the bad one cannot take outfit pics. I didn’t want to leave the post photo-less, hence the cupcake ^_^’ Happy New Year’s Eve and Merry New Year’s Eve-ing!!




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