Holiday Haul

[It’s the most beautiful time of the year. Style in the streets spreading so much cheer] Ah, my first fashion haul. It feels good. Here are some Christmas gifts I got.

PLEASE NOTE: The ratings aren’t based on how great a gift they were (if it was they’d all be 10/10). They’re based on how much they fit my taste. I greatly appreciate that people went out of their way to get me presents. The gift of giving can’t be rated.

Love Spell (Cherry Blossom and Peach)- Victoria’s Secret



This was the perfect gift to get me. I love anything with the scent of cherry blossoms (I prefer calling it the Sakura) in it. I think the cherry blossom smell heavily outweighs the peach smell, but I’m perfectly fine with that. Rating: 10/10

Purple Purse- Pink by Victoria’s Secret




I love the look of this purse, the only issue is I have no idea where I’d take it or what to wear it with! Probably with a mostly black outfit; I’d use it to be the focal point. I really admire out-there accessories like this, but I’m just not brave enough to take it for a spin! Rating: 7/10 {Lost points for lack of practicality.}

Teal Purse- (I don’t know the brand; can guarantee it’s thrifted)




This purse is more something I’ll use. I do wish it had more detailing with the brown, but everytime I look at it I imagine all the different outfits I can use it with. My only issue is the distastefulness of the clashing pink covered mirror on the inside, but nobody’s seeing that (thank goodness). Rating: 8/10 {Lost points for pink mirror and lack of detail}

Leather Purse- Genuine Leather (I think)




The label says genuine leather, but I’m suspicious because it only cost 4 bucks (the gift-giver forgot to take off the price). I think the brand might actually be called Genuine Leather; I have no idea. Either way, this purse is stunning and even though glammy, is subtle enough that I can use it with ease. Rating: 9/10

Seahorse Necklace- (Again, don’t know brand)




I love this necklace! I have a thing for rustic-looking jewelry, and even better- it has an animal! Like it was made for me. Rating: 9/10 {Lost points for type of neclace body}

Guardian Angel and St. Michael Necklace- (Don’t know brand)




I’ve been wanting a religious necklace for a little while now, and I’m happy I finally got one. I’m happy I got this Guardian Angel and St. Michael necklace (it says “Guardian Angel” on one side with a matching image; same with St. Michael) rather than a stereotypical cross necklace that some people wear just because it looks cool, and I especially like the unique chain. WARNING: The person who gave me this isn’t necessarily the closest person to me, and lucky for them I happened to be Christian. Religion-oriented gifts are a big no-no. Rating: 10/10

Pearl Ring- (Don’t know brand)




I’m all for pearl rings, but this pearl was just a little too big for my taste. I’m not a ring-wearer to begin with, but I’m an appreciater. The ring itself is too large to fit any of my fingers beside my thumb, and pearl rings on thumbs is a fashion faux pas in my opinion. Rating: 5/10 {Lost points on so many areas…}


Bejeweled Hair Clip- (Don’t know brand and wishing I did)



This was probably my favourite out of the hall. This bejeweled hair clip is gorgeous and was even featured in my previoua fashion post: It’s so sleek yet has a touch of formality and can be worn anywhere. Rating: 11/10 ^_^

What did you guys haul this season?


P.S. Finally using my good camera! I only edited three of the photos. What do you think?



8 thoughts on “Holiday Haul

  1. I loved all your gifts and I would encourage you to keep an open mind as I’ve sometimes felt that a gift was just okay and then ended up loving it and wearing it until the cheap chain broke off. Then I was just thrilled that the pendant was caught in my bra and I could just use a different chain. Also, for my 15th birthday (many, MANY years ago) I received what I thought was a garish necklace. It was double stranded with a big gold clip in the front and a frighteningly large pearl drop. A few years later the pearl drop broke off and I put it away because I couldn’t just toss it (it was a gift!) but then last summer, I caught myself wearing it all the time! I think it’s wonderful when others think of you enough to go out and get you a token of their affection. For that alone, they should all get extra points!

    • Yup. I know people’s style and taste changes all the time. I do really appreciate that people went out of their way to get me presents. I wasn’t rating it based on how good a gift it was, because there are no bad gifts. The rating was based off of how much they fit my style, because if it was rated by how great a gift it was, they’s all be 10/10. And thanks for taking the time out to express your opinion!


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